Sabtu, 31 Agustus 2013

Life for Riding Bicycle and Sleeping

Life was meaningful and full of challenges. Life was also full of desicions. All had to be faced. Challenge was new things which was never done before. If the challenges were done in everyday, it would be a behaviour. If you loved the challenges and wanted to try again, it would be hobby!

Discussing about hobby was a problem. It was because of its complicated things. Until now i still didn't know about my hobby alike. The usually thing that i loved to do was cycling. That was my first hobby. I always rode bicycle to campus about 10 kilometers in a day. I did it because i wanted to decrease polutions by not using motorcycle or car to anywhere, and also to help Government's campaign about green living by doing simple things. I went with bicycle eventhough my body sweated but i got healthy and fresh mind by breathing oxigen more.

The other reason for cycling was to entice people to do the same thing as my campaign to act more about green living. I usually only brought small notebook, 1 litre of pure water in a bottle, writing materials, shirt, mini bycicle pump, towel and parfume. I brought all of those in my bag. I had to go in 1 hour before the class was started, because it would take about 45 minutes to get campus and the rest time about 15 minutes before the class. This was my suggestion for not too tired to do these before the class was started after riding bicycle.

People said that riding a bicycle about 15 kilometers in everyday to campus for 45 minutes was the weird thing and tired. "No" for the weirdness but "Yes" for the tired one. But in my opinion, it was good for body, motivating us to act green and decrease vehicles that use gasoline and traffic jam and also to teach self to manage the time and be on time.

I was little bit angry and dissappointed when people promise about time for coming and they broke the promises without telling anything. If there were problems which make us not able to come, please tell immidiately. The problem in Indonesia was the culture of "not-on-time".

The second hobby was sleeping. All of people said that it was a need, but it was a hobby for me! If i had free time, i slept! I specially named it. There were "Bolam", "Bogel", "Boci", "Bocor" and "Bohol". This name was from childish words in Indonesia Language. I shortened these childish words into the unique one, just for fun!

We started with "Boci". Word of "Boci" was not strange anymore in Indonesia. "Boci" was abbreviation of "Bobo Ciang". These childish words had meaning, "Bobo" was for sleeping and "Ciang" was for noon. The meaning of "Bobo Ciang" was sleeping in the noon. Boci is my favourite things to do. People in spain always did it according to book that i read. After sleeping in the noon, the body would be good to do anything. The time for Boci was from 11AM until 2PM. Anywhere if i had free time, i'll do Boci.

"Bocor" referring to "Bobo Core" or in grammatically good in english was Sleeping in the afternoon. I usually did it if i had no time in noon to sleep. The afternoon was the good option for sleeping after getting tired by doing activities. "Bocor" will be held from 3PM until 6PM. It was nice to wake up before 6.30PM, it was forbidden in Indonesia's culture.

"Bolam" referring to "Bobo Malam" or Sleeping in the night. People did it in every night. Also many people did "Bolam", like people who wanted to do exams for the next day or insomnia persons. "Bolam" was always started from 8PM until 3PM or 6PM. After sleeping at night, the body was full of energy!

"Bogel" was the most favourite sleeping! I did it in every morning on holiday. "Bogel" referring to words of "Bobo Page Lama". It was joking by twisting words in Indonesia Language. "Bobo" was for Sleeping, "Page" was for Pagi in Indonesia language or Morning in english. "Lama" was for Long. So the meaning of "Bobo Page Lama" was long sleeping in the morning. "Bogel" would be done if "Bolam" was not completely good enough. But don't do "Bogel" or sleeping morning for long time in the class.

"Bohol" was the last childish words referring to sleeping words and the joking by twisting words in Indonesia Language would be over. The Meanign of "Bohol" was "Bobo Holiday" or sleeping in holiday. I usually did it if there was no money in my pocket so sleeping was the the best thing to do. The useful of sleeping during holiday were saving your money much, healthy for your skin, and saving electrical things and also saving your energy! Have nice sleeping time!